Welcome to the Referral Academy Mastery Program, R.A.M.P. It is essential to understand the psychology behind the modern referral if you want to grow your business perpetually. 

70% of the overall business we receive in the sales and service industries comes from our spheres of influence. So why then do we focus so much attention on cold leads and drag our feet on truly learning and developing our referral business? Imagine a world where the majority of marketing dollars went straight into your bank account or was re-invested into your best marketing resource…your clients. We work so hard to get each client in the door, only to move onto the next once they’re there. Why not focus on building effective systems and processes to turn that one lead that you worked so hard to get, into 4 or 5 hot leads? That is the referral game at its finest. A perpetually growing machine

I’ve spent 15 years in the sales and finance industry constantly grinding for that next sale, next client or that next paycheck. I’ve read many books on sales tactics and attitudes. I’ve been in countless sales and production meetings going over company milestones, metrics and numbers, and through all of the information, meetings and inconsistent attempts at self-motivation, I’ve learned one thing…the majority of companies and sales people have it all backwards! They spend 80% of their marketing dollars and time on leads that only account for 20% of their business and are of inferior quality. Why not spend more on the leads that account for 80% of our business and take 8x less time to convert?

We foolishly focus on numbers and dollars, sales metrics and strategies, rather than authentically caring about the client, and taking the time to look at how we can provide real, lasting value. We have convinced ourselves that it’s normal to go from hero to zero at the beginning of every month, and to start-up the hamster wheel all over again. We constantly look for the next new thing, tactic or angle that will quickly fill up our sales pipeline. We never get any real traction and wind up tired and burnt out. I had been grinding to get ahead for years, to the point that I was rarely with my family. I found myself tired, frustrated and completely burnt out. I felt guilty for not being home with my children in the evenings, but I justified it by saying that I was working hard to provide for my family. I didn’t realize yet that there was a way to have it all.

Marketing companies try to convince us that it’s easier to spend money marketing to cold leads, even though we hate spending our money on shit leads! We then spin our wheels and valuable time sifting through all of these leads and inquiries to try and salvage real clients. We’re addicted to the instant gratification, and when it works, which is occasional at best, we amp up our investment and efforts to pump it for more. Billions of dollars are spent each year in the sales industry marketing to cold lead sources (Facebook, Instagram, Zillow, YouTube, email lists, etc.), but the interesting fact is that on average, less than 30% of our actual business comes from it.

I’ve learned through much pain and effort that the only way to truly grow in a sustainable and steady way is through systematizing client referrals and introductions. It’s time we go against the grain, focus on our clients, and when we do it right, the numbers and dollars that businesses focus on so much will be an unavoidable side effect

I’ve created the Referral Academy Mastery Program in order to R.A.M.P up your referrals, and make introductions consistent and effective. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned, packaged it up, and made it easy for anyone to grow their business rapidly and organically through client referrals and introductions!  The best part is how much money you’re going to save on advertising, and how much time you’re going to save since you won’t have to spin your wheels on all of the cold leads. You can even re-invest in your clients and tribe, who already love you in order to create a perpetually growing marketing machine.